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"Law is useless for those without courage and means for its protection".
Thomas Babington Macaulay. (1800-1859)

The CLC provides services on comprehensive approach for settlement of conflicts in various branches of law. Our primary activity is to represent the cliеnt's interests in arbitration courts as well as courts of law.

However, our focus is to reduce the number of trials involving our clients through preliminary potential legal risk assessment and effective protection strategy development while rendering consulting services.

The main goal of our wide range of legal services is to minimize the probability of our client's rights and legitimate interests violation and to propose comprehensive approach to solving conflicts, should they arise.

We assist in negotiating, stipulating of memoranda and drafting claims, as well as provide mediation services on the extrajudicial conflict resolution. Our lawyers have a significant experience in legal research, preparation of references in various fields of law, as well as compiling drafts of legal opinion letters.

English and Russian are the working languages within the CLC. Besides, legal services could be additionally provided in German.

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